About Us

Our Story


We started out due to the COVID-19 pandemic changing how events could be held and viewed.  This resulted in a need for electronic timing to reduce the number of officials at events, the need for immediate results and continuous updates as attendance had to change.  The lack of spectators also introduced the need for livestreaming to ensure events were viewed and supported.


We aim to produce a solution that suits your budget but is still of the highest quality.

LCD display screen on a High Definition TV camera.
Our History


We started out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic as events had to change.  Our services have been refined over extensive usage and continuously improves to ensure that our services remain valid and efficient.

Our Mission


To allow any sporting event to use technology to modernize and improve their overall offering.

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Why Choose Us

We come from sports backgrounds

We have actively developed the solutions to meet requirements and used these actively to ensure they work.


Practically our solutions have been tried and tested across events and formats


Solutions are tailored to suit all types of budgets